Breathing Apparatus course


Breathing Apparatus are highly specialised pieces of life saving equipment.  Therefore, it is vital that all users of this equipment are fully trained.

Whether it is on-site, at your workshop or at one of our training facilities, Total Safety can conduct instruction and training courses covering the use of Breathing Apparatus for your employees, typically operatives who have to work in hazardous atmospheres for prolonged periods.  The training will provide the delegates with the ability to carry out pre-wearers checks, wearing and maintaining the breathing apparatus.  The course will consists of practical use of the equipment and a written test, to ensure complete understanding of the course content.  Our highly skilled technicians are trained and certified by breathing apparatus manufacturer’s to instructor level to ensure that the training provided for you is delivered to the highest possible standard and in line will all current legislation.

Course Content

  • Pre-wearers Checks
  • Donning
  • Wearing
  • Doffing
  • Cleaning
  • Storage

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