SPDS Petro Safety Diploma :




Petro Safety Diploma

    2 weeks

Who Should Attend? SPDS PetroSafety Diploma?

The SPDS PetroSafety Diploma is designed for managers, supervisors and employees who require a knowledge and understanding of occupational safety principles and practices for oil & gas well drilling and servicing operations.
Also personnel who are working as HSE advisor in general or constructions industries and they interested to get opportunities in oil & gas well drilling and servicing operations.

SPDS PetroSafety Diploma description

The Qualification focuses on international standards as an API Recommended practices for Occupational safety for oil & gas well drilling and servicing operations also based on OSHA - Occupational safety and health Administration. Other international standards are involved in SPDS PetroSafety Diploma as NFPA -National fire protection association and IADC – International association of drilling Contractors and OGP- The International Association of Oil & Gas producers, NSC –National safety council…….. ISO, ANSI, ………………

Out line of SPDS PetroSafety Diploma          

A- Drilling module
    - Oil & Gas Drilling and servicing operations from A to Z
       Preparation site Rig up, down, well completion and
       Abandon    location).
    - Drilling Rig Components - Illustrated Glossary.
    - Basic of drilling and drilling practices.
    - Basic Well control

B- API_ Recommended Practices for Occupational Safety for oil & gas well drilling and servicing operations. Safety of drilling module

C- OSHA job safety analysis (JSA) for Occupational Safety for oil & gas well drilling and servicing operations.

D- OSHA Occupational safety and health standards which are applicable to workover & drilling rigs module
    Introduction to OSHA and OSHA Act
    Understand employees and employers’ rights and responsibility under OSH Act
    Safety and Health Programs
    Egress fire protection program Safety means of Egress
    Personnel protective Equipments- PPE
    Guidelines for the identification and protection of floor openings
    Hazard communication – HAZCOM Program
    Hazard waste operations and emergency response procedures –HAZWOPER  
    Electrical safety standards.
    Requirements for appropriate aisle and passageway maintenance
    Fall Protection
    Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics
    Permit-Required Confined Space Entry
    Welding, Cutting, and Brazing
    Machine Guarding
    Material handling

E- Safety Inspection for Drilling and workover rigs module
    Safety inspection technician.
    Inspection and Rig acceptance procedures for Drilling and workover Rigs.

F- Accident investigation procedures.
    Initial investigation at the accident scene.
    Collecting data
    Analyzing data
    Judgments
    Reporting the results

G- Powered Industrial Trucks module
    Defensive driving as  standard Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations, ANSI/ASSE Z15.1,
    Forklift operator safety training.

H- Rigging, lifting operations module
    Rigging and slinging operations.
    Mechanical Lifting operations

I- Basic H2S / first aid module
    Basic H2S training
    Basic First aid training

J- Health Plan for oil & gas drilling locations:
    introduction
    purpose
    references
    organization
    responsibilities
    medical personnel
    health program

K- Workshop& Case study
    Every participated shall perform case study for drilling and/or workover rig .the case should contain rig floor area hazid , mud tanks hazid , generator area hazid,  Mud pump area hazid, ……… ………..etc.

What materials come with the course?

    All printable material will be provided on CD by KEY-KITS.
    All module quizzes require a score of 70% to proceed forward in the course. The final exam also requires a minimum score of 70 % to receive a certificate of completion. The final exam may be taken multi times if necessary.

    Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion course from KEY-KITS and
    In 4-6 weeks, you will receive your SPDS Petroleum Safety diploma from IASP.
    In 4-6 weeks, you will receive other certificates from international organizations.

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