CISD Construction Industry Safety Diploma






cISD Construction Industry Safety Diploma



· 5 days


· CISD diploma has accreditation by IASP.

CISD Diploma description

The purpose of CISD Diploma is to prepare the attendances for as

safety Inspectors, Officers, Supervisors, Managers or to promote supplemental training for personnel previously or currently employed in construction industries occupations. The course content includes, but is not limited to the techniques for identification, evaluation and control of safety factors causing occupational accidents and ill health, safe work practices, and skills to technically analyzing working conditions and providing technical assistance in integrating safety in the  maintenance of materials, equipments and fire protection systems, statistical analysis based on ILO classifications, communication skills, leadership skills, human relations and employability.

For whom:

Graduates in any discipline, Diploma or Degree holders in Engineering and Employees from other trades desires to move to safety profession.

Syllabus: 6 Modules

· Introduction to Safety management system.

1. Benefits of effective Safety management system.

2. Elements of effective safety managements system.

3. Employees' involvement responsibilities.

· Hazardous prevention plan.

1. Engineering control.

2. Administration control.

3. Personnel Protective Equipments.

4. Safe work practices.

· Hazardous control plan.

1. Emergency plan procedures

2. training and drills

3. First Aid on workplace

4. safety orientation

· Occupational safety health for general industries.

· Recordkeeping

· Hazard Communication

· Scaffolds

· Fall Protection

· Welding and Cutting

· Electrical

· Fire Prevention

· Concrete & Masonry

· Lifting and rigging operations.

· Confined Space Entry

· Excavations

· Personal Protective Equipment

· Health Hazards in Construction

· Accident investigation procedures.

1. Initial investigation at the accident scene.

2. Collecting data

3. Analyzing data

4. Judgments

5. Reporting the results

· Workshop& Case study:

Every participated shall perform case study for risk assessment to designated related workshop.

Training Methodology:

Multimedia Presentations with powerpoint, International Videos on every subject along with interactive sessions with eminent faculty.

Test Assessment and Examination

The workshop and case study lessons utilize real-life case studies concerning regulations covered earlier in the course to help you think about how complying with OSHA regulations keeps you safe and prevents injuries on the job site.
Then, in the interactive workshop, you become familiar with the safety regulations.
The student must pass all exam with a minimum score of 70% or greater. Quizzes and the final exam may be taken multi times if necessary to pass.


Upon complete diploma the students will get the following certificates package.

  • Wallet diploma certificate with key certificate from IASP.
  • Pocket diploma card with key certificate from IASP.
  • Diploma certificate from key-kits


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